Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fourth of July in Princeton and Stella's photo shoot!

                             I just love surprising the kids with "fancy" food on holidays!
                               Easy to do 4th of July waffles decorated with fruit to make a flag
                                                  was the design this year!  I think they liked it!
                             After breakfast, Emily had the kids dressed and ready to go to a
                          carnival she found in Princeton.  It was put on by a local church.
                                Stella looked so adorable, it prompted a necessary photo shoot.
                                    I bought these red boots for her right after she was born.
                                   Luckily she grew into them at the perfect time!!!

                                    Bronsen was sweet enough to join in the fun too!!!

                                       Off we went to the carnival.  Cherrie came with us and we
                                                        met my sister-in-law, Marie, there too. 
                                         The weather was great, not too hot, and the activities
                                              were perfect for a 2 and a 4 year old!

                                They loved the paintball guns!  They were shooting at a big
                                      wooden devil! (church sponsored)

                            Ladies were there painting on faces or arms.  Stella jumped right
                                      up, but then wasn't thrilled that it stayed on!

                                     After the carnival, we drove over to check on Brad
                                        at his dad's house.  He had been working hard all week.
                                     Got some nice pictures with great grandpa too!

                                       I brought some materials to make 4th of July streamers
                                         and when Cherrie brought out pots, lids and wooden
                                         spoons, an impromptu parade began!

                                 That evening, Princeton put on a fireworks display.  We were
                             able to watch from Teresa's workplace and have our own
                                         private showing!  AND, more tall corn!!!

                                                             "Is it dark enough yet?"

                                                    MORE OF THE CUTEST LITTLE
                                                         4TH OF JULY GAL EVER!!!!

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